Why Coffee Cart?

Located in a quaint estate in Crawford Lane, The Coffee Cart is the epitome of a heartland café. But something sets us apart from your usual café haunts and it’s the fact that we’re not just a café, we’re also a fully operating, mobile coffee cart! What does that mean, you ask? Well, it means that we are able to provide our mobile coffee cart services anywhere in Singapore; just to bring coffee to your guests and make your events extra special. If you can’t come to the coffee, let the coffee come to you!

Here at The Coffee Cart, we believe that good coffee shouldn’t be a rarity and so we are relentless in our pursuit of providing you with good quality, ethically sourced coffee. Founded by Joel Su, a self-taught barista with a great passion for coffee, The Coffee Cart strives to give you specialty coffee on the move. Inspired by mobile coffee carts delivering happiness through coffee to the people of London and New York, Joel decided to bring the same kind of experience to our sunny little island. With this idea, our mobile coffee cart has evolved from being simply a decor piece to a coffee-on-wheels experience for coffee lovers at our clients’ events. Other than providing a mobile coffee cart for your event, The Coffee Cart also provides baristas to make your coffee at the events. Our friendly and incredibly helpful baristas are a plus at events, and they are always ready to share their knowledge of coffee with anyone who asks. Serving guests and making them feel great at your event is part of the parcel when you hire The Coffee Cart.

Most events only provide coffee in large dispensers or automatic coffee machines. The coffees end up lacking taste and are often bland. So if you’re looking for new and fresh ideas to improve your events, make them ones that stand out with a mobile coffee cart service from The Coffee Cart. Contact us now and we promise to deliver you a satisfying cup of coffee, and customer-friendly services!